Guild of Transylvanian Craftsmen

The Guild of Transylvanian Craftsmen was founded in September 2005 at the Teleki Educational Centre in Sovata with the participation of 40 founding members and was registered as a professional non-governmental association.

Until present, we managed to register in our database over 630 craftsmen and artists who live, work and create in Transylvania. Thus, alongside local and county associations, we have become the most significant specialist organization in the region.

Beginning with 2007, the majority of our activities have taken place in Cluj-Napoca. Since then, we have been organizing periodic fairs and festivals, and we have also been actively taking part in the major cultural events in Cluj, as well as in Sibiu, Brasov, Budapest, London or Stuttgart.

Besides fairs and festivals, which are the main sources of income for craftsmen, in 2009 we initiated and organized, for the first time in Romania, the regional (Cluj) edition of the ONGFEST. We brought this civil event to Cluj-Napoca and contributed greatly to the elaboration of the ONGFEST Caravan.

We have also been the first in our country, and most probably still the only ones, to build a web site in order to promote the works of our craftsmen, providing contact data and photos of products/creations by them, helping with this organisers of events in the entire country.

Every year we organize a number of small, but familiar events which are positively reflected in the media, such as SlanaFest (Bacon Fest), ZakuszkaFeszt (The festival of Zakusca), or Lustragiu pentru o zi (Shoeshiner for a day - on Saint Nicholas’ Day we organize a unique fund raising event in the benefit of needy children).

We would also like to be the first in introducing a professional system of selection of the craftsmen participating at fairs by registering a collective mark under the name TRANSSYLVANICUM, building at the same time upon the already existing collective and individual marks, such as Transylvania Authentica, Produs de Cluj, Produs Maramures, Szekely termek, etc. We are firmly convinced that using these marks in the selection of participants at fairs as assurance of the quality of the products exhibited is the only long-term solution in our ambition of keeping the form and content of our events at European standards.

Another project initiated this year is entitled OPEN WORKSHOPS IN TRANSYLVANIA – tracing craftsmen, in which an informational material will be published about the workshops open for visitors in this region. By presenting crafts to tourists or even providing a course in a certain craft, we are hoping to introduce crafts in the circuit of rural tourism.

In March 2013, the association opened an office and a small shop in the Filstich-Kemeny house at 27/4 Unirii Square. We welcome visitors and customers  to present the works of our acknowledged craftsmen from the entire territory of Transylvania.

INTERNATIONAL ARTS AND CRAFTS TOUR IN TRANSYLVANIAWith this event organised by the GUILD OF TRANSYLVANIAN CRAFTSMEN, Romania becomes the second country in the world after Iran to celebrate the World Handicrafts Day assigned by UNESCO for the 10th June, date of founding the World Crafts Council.



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